Quality Assurance & Product Development

Quality Assurance

KGS Sourcing takes pride in the integrity of its services and products. Not only do we actively improve on our quality assurance process in order to exceed brand expectations, our agile organisational structure enables us to implement and scale up best practices quickly and efficiently.

As a unique intermediary who understands and translates clients' quality requirements, we ensure that our suppliers' standards are aligned with each product's goals. Every one of the regions in which we operate is evaluated for their level of product integrity from time to time. Where gaps exist, we work with suppliers to bring their processes up to code, through proactive quality issue resolution, QC/QA training and helping create viable self-auditing systems.

Product Development

As an experienced sourcing agent, we harness our keen insight into product trends and market intelligence to best serve our clients. When it is not possible to directly source a readily-available product that meets client specifications, KGS Sourcing is prepared to assist in initiating product development.

Our professional design & manufacturing teams are capable of handling all aspects of the production life cycle, from concept to delivery. Our region-specific supply chains enable us to lead regiona -level development and negotiation, assuring our clients with a centralised, well-controlled production process.