About Us

KGS Sourcing Limited was founded in 1997, under the name Redcats Asia. We are a sourcing specialist with 20 years of industry acumen, boasting one of the largest Asian sourcing networks. Our portfolio spans a wide range of sectors, from apparel, intimates, accessories and gifts, to home decorations and textiles.


Our Products

Home & Living

Perfect living requires the perfect style to create unique homes. We keep track of the newest ideas in home and lifestyle products, providing clients with a full suite of services from design and development to sourcing and quality control.



In our approach to sourcing, we value versatility, creativity and above all, professionalism. Our streamlined supply chain is designed for excellence at every stage, from development to execution. We stay up to date on seasonal trends, ensuring that our clients get great service and quality on time, all the time.


Fashion Accessories

Direct from Asia’s most dynamic emerging markets, we offer the latest accessories to match any seasonal collection. Our team of global sourcing specialists is prepared to help turn your original concepts into exceptional results.



Take the next step in your seasonal collection by pairing it with some of the trendiest shoes today. We will work with you to design, source and produce men, ladies and kids/baby shoes to suit every taste.


Sourcing Services

Flexible Module Service

KGS Sourcing operates businesses ranging from direct trade to agency services and inspection. Our agency services are our main focus, where we act as professional, full-fledged sourcing agents for our client. We also buy directly from suppliers and resell their products, as well as inspect goods purchased directly from suppliers on behalf of client brands.


Core Services

Our full suite of sourcing services span everything from pre-placement to production and shipment.


Value Added Services

KGS Sourcing also offers an array of value added services to both brands and suppliers.


Global Networking

KGS maintains a strong global presence, particularly in dynamic emerging markets throughout Asia. Most of our sourcing business is based in some of the fastest rising hubs within the region.

Hong Kong