Flexible Module Service

KGS Sourcing operates businesses ranging from direct trade to agency services and inspection. Our agency services are our main focus, where we act as professional, full-fledged sourcing agents for our client. We also buy directly from suppliers and resell their products, as well as inspect goods purchased directly from suppliers on behalf of client brands.

  • Trading

  • Agency

  • Inspection

Core Services

Our full suite of sourcing services span everything from pre-placement to production and shipment.

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  • Pre-Placement

  • Placement

  • Pre-Production

  • Production

  • Final Inspection

  • Shipment

Core Services

Value Added Services

KGS Sourcing also offers an array of value added services to both brands and suppliers.

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Product Development

Social Audit

Vendor Financing

Fabrics, Trims and Finishes